20 Weird AF Gift Ideas For Your Best Friends That Love A Good Laugh

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1.) Baby Up In This B*tch Decal

This car window decal is clearly made for your bestie who is also a sassy mom. A unique attention grabber on the road with premium quality made material for a long, sturdy lifespan. 

This hilarious gift idea promises safe visual warning of a baby on board. Reducing tailgating and unnecessary honking of the horns, so watch it, bruh. 

2.) Finger Hands For Finger Hands

This for the ones who's level of boredom are usually at an all-time high. The pack consists of left and right-hand assortments as well as different skin tones. Perfect for those who love to bring out that inner 3rd grader every once in a blue. 

3.) Googly Eyes Twerk Belt

This one size fits all device will put your friends dancing skills to the test. Get involved in the twerk-off and see how well you can get those eyes to spin in a frenzy. Also, fun for fitness as it assists in burning calories while working out your hips and thigh muscles! Definitely a win. 

4.) ThumbsUp Bubble Costume

Get a kick out of bursting your best friend's bubble? You can dig in even more with this weird gift idea. Inspired by a cult in the hilarious Dude, Where's My Car movie this costume is bound to get the party poppin' on any occasion! 

5.) Confetti High Five Toy Shooter

There's nothing like an epic celebration with that perfect high-five from your best buds, right? Well, we see your high-five and we raise you one with fireworks. Confetti to be exact. This weird device comes with 6 automatic reload cartridges and is 100% safe for any occasion. 

6.) Candom Can Cooler

You can really throw your BFF off with this candom drink cooler. The best part is you can bring this anywhere with you and comes in assorted colors. Just be sure to roll the candom up onto the can before you open it. This is definitely a step closer to drinking responsibly. 

7.) Brass Balls Keyring

This is where the need to unsissify your best friend comes in. Instead of having to tell them to grow a pair, just hand them this brass ball key-chain. Every time they go to grab them, it'll be a constant reminder of encouragement from you to them. 

8.) Mushroom Penis Lipsticks

Here's a good one to give your bestie while getting ready for a night out. Just hand her this and have her color those DSLs like a pro! You're sure to get a rise out of your home-girl with this one. 

9.) Wine Condoms

Help your best friends keep their wine fresh and well protected with this gift idea. Set the mood with this celebrity-approved shrink fit technology wine condom cover. Comes with 6 in a pack and condoms are reusable. 

10.) Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook

If your friends have a passion for cooking, you may not want to pass this up. Inspired by the famous book Fifty Shades of Grey, this one gives them a different outlook in the form of chicken recipes! Bring the fun and unlock their filthy culinary minds with this book for sure. 

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11.) 3D Cockroach Plush Pillow

With this cozy 3D pillow, you can make it both a gift and a prank. The best result would be to place this right next to your best friend while they're sleeping. And watch the magic happen when waking them up!

12.) 2019 Pooping Pooches Dog Calendar

Is your friend a dog lover?... Get them starting the year off right with this 2019 calendar of dogs making nature's brownies. Even better, $1 from each calendar will be donated to the Maui Humane Society supporting animals in need.

13.) Unicorn Hooded Travel Neck Pillow

For that best friend with the outgoing personality and loves to travel, this one will keep them in their comfort zone. Help them stand out while maintaining privacy with this hooded unicorn neck pillow which includes microbead padding. Ability to ride on rainbows will have to be mastered separately.

14.) Dehydrated Water 16 oz Can

This clever gift idea is guaranteed to get laughs just by the name alone. A simple can of unlimited, 100% safe dehydrated water. Just add water (or whichever kind of beverage you so choose) and they're good to go.

15.) I Love Weird And I Am Weird Couples Pillowcase Set

Never rule out that your best friend can also be your significant other. And if you both are weirdos, why not embrace it with these weird couples pillow set. Great for Valentines Day, anniversaries, and more.

16.) BigMouth Inc Toilet Mug

Perfectly suited for the those with the uncontrollable potty mouths, this toilet mug will do. Also ideal for those friends where everything that comes out their mouths is full of crap. Made with high-quality ceramic, you can continue to troll them with this weird gift idea.

17.) Beard Head Stubble Cruiser Beard Beanie

Beards are becoming more popular than ever before. So if you've got that one friend who's wishful thinking of growing one isn't working out so well, just troll them with this. The bright side is that this award-winning handmade beard beanie is detachable and can be adjusted to keep their face warm and cozy.

18.) Toilet Bowl Night Light

Now I'm not going to lie, even I think this gift idea is weird but extremely awesome. Why? Sometimes when nature calls late at night and you can't hold it as you rush to the bathroom. You can't find that light switch quick enough but you will spot that toilet in seconds. Wish these were around when we were younger. 

19.) Headlight Fluid Car Gag Gift

Another good one from the folks at Witty Yeti, this gift can also be used as a prank. Have you ever heard of headlight fluid for your car? Didn't think so and we're sure your best friends haven't either. 

So set them up with this while urging them to do an auto check up every once in a while. If can get them to actually try and use it, you are a god!

20.) Edible Anus Milk Belgian Chocolate

And last but not least, some chocolate anus. To be honest I don't know who would think of this sh*t, literally. But it's one hell of a gift that'll get your friend laughing their asses off. Put them to the test and find out who eats the groceries with no hesitation (wink, wink).

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