5 Warning Signs That You Have Fake Friends [5 That Makes Them Real]

Friends can be found all around us and are easy to obtain but it is often very difficult to tell who will stick with you for the long haul and who is just a “fair weather” (fake) friend. As the saying goes, “Friends are like pebbles, found everywhere. True friends are like diamonds, ever so rare”.

If you do an inventory and analysis on your friends, you may be shocked to discover that many of them are fake, with some of them wearing masks to disguise their true intentions. However, it can be very rewarding to learn who your real friends are and how much they love you simply for being YOU. 

We have a great guide below on how you can spot the warning signs that you have fake friends and also how to tell if your friends are real...

1.) Fake Friends: Will Talk Crazy About You Behind Your Back

They will have no issues with gossiping about you. When you pour your heart out to them, only to learn later on that they have been talking about you behind your back in a negative way. It'll be enough to make your heart drop instead.

Gossip is extremely damaging to a friendship. The minute you find out that your so-called Bros or BFFs have been doing this, you'll begin to question yourself. 

"Is what I'm hearing true? Should I confront them about it? Maybe I'll just brush it off..."

It may be time to re-evaluate the people in your circle. If you find that what other people are telling you matches almost the exact words you only told your "friends". It'll be in your best interest to get rid of them, fast... 

Real Friends: 

On the other hand, will never display signs of betrayal. Speaking negatively about you to other people is a no-go and they believe that honesty and trust are the foundations of any meaningful bonds. 

If they do talk about you when you are not around, they (most of the time) will say good, positive things about you. If anything negative is said, it will normally be said to your face. In a respectful manner that you and them will hash it out, leaving water under the bridge. 

True friends will not throw stones and hide their hands. Meaning they will never speak behind your back what they will keep from saying in your presence. As crazy as it sounds, these are the type you should keep around.

2.) Fake Friends: Will Always Try To Sabotage Other Relationships You Have

They have many issues (most of them personal) and a theme of jealousy runs right through all of their friendships. Because of this, a bad friend will always criticize your significant other. 

They will also not hesitate to have a big celebration when you eventually break up with that person. If you happen to mention great moments spent with your partner, they simply do not listen to you and are most likely blocking you out. 
In some cases, they might even try to slither their way in an attempt to get a taste your now ex's goods. 

This is due to the fact that they believe that they deserve more than what you possess. Believe they are better people and often become angry when they crave what you have. This type of friend can be toxic and you may want to keep an eye on them even after distancing yourself...


Real Friends: 

True friends play the hype-man (or woman) in your healthy relationships. They sometimes even try to play the love doctor, hilariously throwing in tips and tricks while you are building with your significant other. 

There is never a jealous 
bone in them. When you spend time with your other friends or partner, they just want you to be content in life. Most of all, they wouldn't have the slightest thought of getting with any of your exes. Well, maybe they would but wouldn't dare act on it. 

Never rule out that even your real friends may have their own squad and loved one that they tend to. So you might have to be their support system too. That's when there will be true understandings and stronger bonds. 

3.) Fake Friends: Will Eat Away At Your Self-Esteem

Studies have shown that folks like this make themselves feel better, they get a kick out of putting others down. It's sad but it's true in so many cases. Based off of the belief that they themselves have a low self-esteem. 

Have you ever had a friend who has nothing good to say about you and even insults you, showing no signs of joking? They seem to hold a magnifying glass up to your faults while cleverly hiding their own. These friends love preying on what (in their eyes) is considered the weak.

Feeling hurt and losing confidence in yourself is the last thing you want them to notice. Instead, they are clearly in a life of struggle and do not have the ability to have a healthy relationship with anyone. It is also better to just avoid these types of so-called friends and keep it moving...

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Real Friends:

They are constantly encouraging you to do better, be good and have love for yourself. Sound a little corny but it's true. Any insults are normally in a joking manner and not a verbal kick to the nuts. It's sometimes just a form of reverse psychology to motivate you.  

Real friends bring out your best qualities. Don't ever let them notice you doubting yourself in any way. That's when they'll come down on you lighting a fire under your ass to lift you up.

These friends are the ones to keep on your team. Ladies, if
 anyone attempts to break up this formation, we'll only hope that you would go Beyonce and the Beyhive on them. Guys, pick whichever savages you so chose.

4.) Fake Friends: Constantly Fill You With Guilt

These types are, by nature, negative people and love to suck all the positive energy out of you. If you do something they don't approve of, they will send you on a massive guilt trip. 

This behavior stems from them wanting your life to be all about their own. Do not fall for this kind of manipulation as they will attempt to make you feel guilty about things that are not even your fault. 

These people human parasites in your life. Living off of your mindset as it's host. Cut them off and throw a middle finger in the air as you wave them "goodbye." ...

Real Friends:

They love you for who you are. Never want you to change. And, will definitely refrain from showing any signs of selfishness. 

While they enjoy hanging out with you, they also understand when you have other commitments and will never make you feel like a bad person for time not spent on them. 

They are willing to share their bonds. Potentially making the group even bigger by their friends playing nice with yours. Then you all try and take over the world or something around that area.

5.) Fake Friends: Do Not Want You To Achieve Success In Life

The phony tend to share a whole different batch of advice and information on how you can do better and achieve your goals. 

There is an ulterior motive behind this because when you do well, they want a large chunk of your success. If you do not give it to them, they will shut you out, gossip about you and belittle you as a person. 

This type of poisonous friend feels that they are competing against you and they want to be better than you. If they can’t, they become angry and resentful...

Real Friends:

The non-fake however, is proud to see when you achieve your goals. They even may go as far as to help you get there. Going out of their way to see you be great.  

Instead of wanting part of your success, they will rather celebrate with you, leaving you with all the glory. But we all know they're at some point going to be bragging about how they were there. Just let them live. 

What more can we say? This is just what true friends do. Real people will always recognize the real in you and never think less. All you can do in the end is be thankful that they are there when you need them.


Which warning signs ring true to you? Leave a 
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