What Do You Meme?: Funny Adult House Party Game You'll Want At Your Next Shindig

We are always in search of good party game ideas for adults. Out of the long list of crazy games available in the market, here we have picked the most interesting one for you. 

“What Do You Meme?” is a popular party game that was recently launched by What Do You Meme, LLCWithin a few days of its release, this game has become a great hit in the market. 

Note that this fun party game is designed for adults from ages 17 and up and can be played between as few as 3 and as many as 20 members. Indeed, you will find this game to be the best idea for your next weekend party.

This house party game is designed especially for the social media generation as they often love to tag each other in funny memes. 

This game offers full entertainment for around 30 to 90 minutes so that you can enjoy the most memorable moments.

Simply plan a get together on weekend and start playing your favorite game with the best combination of cards available. Keep enjoying various rounds of laughs for hours while knocking back a few drinks...

There are so many interesting things to know about this house party game for adults. Go through the details below to collect deep insights about this game; it will surely help you make a more beneficial purchase for your upcoming celebration

Things to know about “What Do You Meme? Adult Party Game.

How To Play:

This game comes with 435 cards out of which 360 are caption cards and the other 75 are funny photo cards. You will be creating the most hilarious combinations of these cards in each round.

Every round includes you having to decide a rotating judge who will play the photo card whereas all other team members will hold caption cards.

Each time the judge will decide the funniest pairing and the people holding the respective cards will be announced as winners.

High-quality finish:

One of the greatest features for buyers is that these cards are designed with a thick, glossy finish.

Developers have taken caption and photo prints on premium playing cards so that users can handle them freely without worrying about any damage.

You can expect a long lifespan with these cards and will be able to enjoy funny party games for many years with your fellow party crashers.

Bonuses Included:

All the details about how to play this game are included in the package. 

Once you order, it will pack the box safely with all bonus items and it will reach your place within a few days. 

Soon you will be ready to have fun with this house party game.

Long lasting gameplay:

The great news for young adults is that this party game is designed to entertain you for long periods of time. Depending upon the number of players you have, the game may take 30 to 90 minutes to finish.

Complete fun with family and friends:

This game is well designed to offer you the best playing hour with friends and family as well. Anyone above 17 can join this game and create the funniest memes in the team.

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