25 Cool Things To Buy On Amazon Under 25 Dollars That You Will Actually Want

We've been searching around for cool stuff on Amazon that folks just so happen to be glad they purchased. So we've created a list of them to spread the word. Check them out below...

1.) This unicorn wine-bottle holder that will help you peak beyond greatness.

2.) This Nicolas Cage activity book to help you ace your way through school.

3.) The Letigo Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush ideal for exfoliating your skin.

4.) The iRing to help you get a better grip on your mobile device.

5.) This chomping shark bed your pets will love.

6.) This Anker portable USB charger so your phone can stay juiced up throughout the day.

7.) This Hyde cleaning glove to help clean pots and tools with ease.

8.) With this swivelling three-outlet plug you'll never run out of ways to charge up.

9.) This Squatty Potty to get things flowing the proper way.

10.) This ice cream doorstop to add a smidge of humor to your day.

11.) This Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker to speed up egg an easier breakfast.

12.) This ice shaver to cool down and make those adult slushies you've been dreaming about.

13.) These Mberry tablets that will give you a pleasantly different taste on food.

14.) This shower curtain with pockets for the bathroom lovers that need a little more space.

15.) This Q-Flex Acupressure Back and Body Massage Tool to loosen up those muscle knots.

16.) This magnetic phone holder that convenient for when you're on the road.

17.) This case of fart putty just for sh*ts and giggles.

18.) This waterproof dry bag to keep your phone safe in as deep as 98 feet of water.

19.) These microfiber towels that dry extra quick.

20.) This SanDisk flash drive with a Micro USB connector that can link to both phone and computer.

21.) This suction-cup sunbed so your cat can enjoy that beautiful view.

22.) This sweat-proof eyelash adhesive to keep your lashes in place without any worries.

23.) This bottle-opener ring for you to pop bottles in style.

24.)  A 48-pack of AA batteries that'll "keep going and going and going."

25.) This foot hammock you can use under your office desk.

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