20 Funny Ways That’ll Make Girls With All Brothers As Siblings Say, "Sh*t Is Real" [Photos]

1. On a daily basis:

2. Yup, this too:

3. This is your brother’s way of saying he missed you:

4. You leave your dolls for a few seconds only to find out your brothers terrorized them.

5. And destroyed your makeup...

6. An all too familiar feeling:

7. Along with this one:

8. The hundreds of times you’ve heard this:

9. But the perks came with him having his boys at the house:

10. Even though most of them see you as there little sister:

11. Of course no food is safe from them:

12. So your world crumbles when they find your stash:

13. You get bullied over control of the TV:

14. And video games:

15. You often proved how tough you are to your brothers…Until this ends up happening:

16. You knew to haul ass if you wanted to live after doing this:

17. When you can blame your bro and get away with it:

18. Surviving roasting sessions from your brothers:

19. And your name didn’t matter as you were always referred to as your brother's sister:

20. But with all bullsh*t aside, they always got your back:

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