Wednesday, April 11, 2018

When Trying To Be Sexy Doesn't Go According To Plan: Funny Compilation [Video]

We love women. They never cease to amaze us. The way they walk, their kiss, their touch, just about everything about a female can turn an Incredible Hulk at heart into a Teddy Bear in a matter of seconds. 

The sexiest feature of a woman? Is when they’re trying not to be. But of course there are those who tend to try too hard…

Us men greatly appreciate a show from you lovely ladies. From sexy Instagram selfies to showgirls at big events, like Boxing, as well as the traditional strip club. 

Most would call these women professionals at being tempting. But, we all know that no matter the amount of training, nobody’s perfect… 

With that being said, this collection of vixens have definitely succeeded at being hot only to have some unexpected ‘oops’ along the way. 

From falling to fire, from snakes to scrapes. Here’s a funny compilation of when trying to be sexy doesn’t go according to plan…

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