Monday, February 13, 2017

15 Hilarious Teachers That Got Even With Their Students [Photos]

Here's a collection of funny school teachers who know how to mix education with humor very well. The way they stay 10 steps ahead of their students will make you wonder where the hell were they when we were growing up. Check it out...

1.) These teachers who are good at teaching valuable lessons:

2.) The teacher who tends to deal with a lot of crap at work:

3.) This Physics Teacher using Justin Bieber for attention:

4.) The AP Physics Teacher who decided to involve yo momma:

5.) This one with the realest checklist ever:

6.) This funny teacher with a Masters in Prankology:

7.) This teacher who no longer gave a shit:

8.) This Astronomy Teacher a.k.a. Mr. Scrooge:

9.) This professor who uses technology to her advantage:

10.) This teacher who had a "Bad Romance" with Lady Gaga:

11.) This teacher who just want their students to burn:

12.) This teacher who specials in sarcasm:

13.) This teacher with a clever lesson in "rock, paper, scissors":

14.) This one who accepts no walk-ins. Not even from the King Of New York:

15.) And definitely this teacher:

If You Love Memes, Then You’re Going To Love This:

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