Thursday, January 26, 2017

Back At It Again: The Funniest Donald Trump Inauguration Day "Bad Lip Reading" [Videos]

Before we start, we’re are going to ask all of our Viral Mind Family (this means you, the reader) to brace yourself. This video’s side effects may include but not limited to: 

Laughing so hard you may: End up doing it too loud in public, end up in tears, experience abdominal pain, end up rolling on the floor dying of laughter, experience shortness breath while trying to get air back into your lungs to laugh some more, and finally finish being amused only for the video clip to playback your head causing you to randomly burst out into laughter once again. [You’ve been warned]

Leave it to one of our favorite and famous YouTube Channels [Bad Lip Reading] to not pass up an opportunity to troll the Trumpster’s latest most important event in his timeline. BLR is well known for taking some of the scenes of the most epic movies ever made like Star Wars, most popular TV shows like The Walking Dead, and the greatest NFL football games, and dubbing the funniest voice-overs. Where they purposely and wrongfully interpret what the people are actually saying.

Despite picking on flicks and football, BLR tends to really go hard around election time. Making fun of anything to do with politics from candidate ads to the debates. The content created by BLR during these time never came up short on making viewers laugh their ass off.

This time, they attack the inauguration of Donald Trump. Taking footage of the event, which includes a strange conversation between Hillary Clinton (as she mentions a term from the iconic video game Street Fighter, "Hadoken, hadoken to your face.") and George W. Bush.

As well as putting together the funniest back and forth rivalry between now former President Barack Obama and new President Donald Trump as they go toe to toe, insulting each other under their breath. Creating their first classic clip for the year 2017. Take a look... 

Here's a couple of political BLR that lead up to the inauguration...

The First 2016 "DEBATE NIGHT!": 

The Democratic Convention:

Here Are Bonus Top 7 Most Popular BLR Videos

1.) The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading:

2.) NFL 2016 | BLR OF The NFL

3.) Seagulls! (Stop It Now)- "The Empire Strikes Back.":

4.) The Walking (Talking) Dead | The Walking Dead Series: 

5.) The Twilight Saga: New Moon:

6.) Star Wars: Bad Lip Reading Version:

7.) The Avenge: "Redneck Tulsa Nights":

Which video did you think was the funniest? 

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