Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Funniest Wedding Fails of 2016: What NOT To Do... [Video]

Epic wedding fails are are around to mutually confirm you that your very own special moment wasn't that terrible and to also inform you about the perils which can be related to a couple's wedding day. 

It's been declared anything that can possibly go wrong will, however for these newlyweds, a wedding fail ended up being not only "something that went wrong" but "something that was just a complete screw up."...

No matter if it's the lovely lady whose bridal gown falls off, the best man who drops the bridesmaid, or perhaps the guest who vomits at the time of her speech... you are able to just be grateful that you aren't one of these folks...

The best and worst part? A good number of those fails were captured video and therefore will be permanently remembered. 

Wedding dress fails and bride fails are the products of history and anyone can see the evidence that these types of ridiculous things in fact did happen. 

With that being said, below are the best video clips of people totally ruining marriage ceremonies that the Web has to offer...

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